Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get The Grande Look!

Ok, so for the longest time, I wanted to dye my hair like Ariana Grande. Well, just recently, the beginning of this year to be exact; after a lot of research and photoshopped red hair to make sure I liked it, I dyed my hair a bright red. As of now the color is a little bit more natural than it was because of prom, but it is still pretty bright.
The whole reason why I wanted to dye my hair so bright red, is not only because when I was a little girl was I a fan of the little mermaid, but Ariana Grande is literally one of my idols.
So I have decided, why not give you guys the her look! I have stalked her enough:P So I would know probably better than most people how she does her makeup, hair, and where she gets her adorable outfits.


Ok, so for her hair, to get that vibrant red color, it is going to take time, patience, and a whole lot of money and hair dye!

If you have recently bleached your hair, or used any type of lifter, I would NOT suggest that you use this dye. I do recommend another dye, and I will talk about that a little later.
So for now, you are going to have to go to your local hair place like sally beauty or possibly beauty school....
There are many options here, depending on your hair type. When you walk into your local hair place, there are a lot of possibilities. NEVER trust the hair piece samples when it comes to the color you want. They are never accurate for everybody, and you don't want to end up with a color that is over the top because the color hair swatch wasn't correct.

If you hair is THIN and SHORT, it is best that you avoid using any lifter or bleach.. Especially bleach! Go for the organic hair dye. Demi permanent is a good option as well, but if you want that vibrant color right away, you aren't going to get it unless you bleach/lift your hair, which I highly dont recommend! It is better to build up the color over time than damage your hair right away just to get that rich red color for a week until it fades into a mucky yellow....
So if your hair is thin and short, I recommend brands like Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent.
If you have thin and short or medium length hair, you are only going to need a bottle to a bottle and a half of this, and its not that expensive. Yes, I know it calls for lifter, but YOU CAN USE IT WITHOUT HAVING TO BLEACH YOUR HAIR OR LIFT IT. Just follow the directions and apply the color without using bleach/lifter. I used this color once, and it made my hair REALLY BRIGHT. Even though it says semi-permanent and you would think it wouldn't last long, it actually does surprisingly! I was very pleased with this brand, and it works very nice. When I did it on my hair, I have thick and long hair by the way; I had to use 3 bottles of it no bleach or lift. Another color option that is available that not only smells like HEAVEN but turns out really bright, is N Rage. I STRONGLY encourage though, that if you are going to use this dye, wash your hair out in the sink and have someone help you! THIS DYE IS DEMI-PERMANENT AND STAINS EVERYTHING. My bathtub was stained for a week after using it... as well as my ears, face, neck and back. If you are going to use this, be smart about it.

If your hair is THICK and LONG, you have a better chance that your hair won't turn into straw when using bleach/lifter. The last couple of times I have used 20-30 lifter, and every time I do, my natural hair color gets brighter and brighter, making every application of red even more vibrant than the last. Not only does it make my hair Ariana Grande red, but it makes my split ends bad, so I have to go get my haircut every two weeks after dying my hair. The brand I would recommend for Thick and Long hair and mostly HEALTHY and freshly cut would be L'Oreal Excellence High Color Hi-lights.
For this dye though, I WOULD NOT USE THE RECOMMENDED LEVEL OF LIFTER. It ends up being overpowering on your hair and frying it, not only giving you this outrageous Bozo the Clown hair color, but it washes out in a month and your left with dead, orange lion's-mane hair. If you are going to use lifter at all, go for level 20 or 30. Trust me, you are not going to need any higher than that, even if your hair is black! If you hair is lighter, than just go with a 10. Anything lighter than Emma Stone's dirty blonde hair, I would suggest you just don't use lifter at all, no matter what hair type you have. 
Alright, for touch ups, you don't need to keep using lifter/bleach on your hair. Only on your roots/virgin hair need it! Just rub the raw dye straight out of the bottle onto the rest of your head. Touch ups are going to vary between 2-3 weeks, and if you want to try to keep the hair color going longer, avoid long periods out in the sun, chlorine, hot water applications on hair, too many showers and HEAT. Any type of heat like a flat iron or curling iron, try to avoid it! Go for braiding your hair after getting out of the shower, or doing foam curlers or something. You are not only killing your hair when applying heat to it, but you are stripping out the color faster. 
You can find this at your local drug store and/or Walgreen's. It has red hair dye molecules in it so when you wash and condition your hair when showering, its putting a little bit of that red back into your hair that your losing when showering. 
Well I hope these tips helped with getting the perfect red hair! And also the makeup and fashion video to get the great Ariana Grande look! Tata for now!:)

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